May 28, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: May 28, 2012

“Bonfire” was written and recorded in a secluded yurt in Cayucos, CA. For fans of artists such as Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, John Butler Trio, and Van Morrison, this album is sincerely a diamond in the rough. Truly a soulful experience.

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The band’s wildly energetic and seriously soulful new CD Jump Start is jam-packed with Lil’ Ed’s incendiary slide playing and rough, passionate singing, as the ragged-but-right Blues Imperials cook like mad alongside him. Produced by Williams and Alligator president Bruce Iglauer, it is a tour-de-force of untamed slide guitar, rock solid rhythms, heartrending ballads and authentic deep blues vocals. Williams wrote or co-wrote 13 of the album’s 14 songs, ranging from the non-stop boogie blast of If You Were Mine to the heart-on-his-sleeve honesty of Life Is A Journey to the bouncing and jazzy Jump Right In to the swaggering, autobiographical Musical Mechanical Electrical Man. The album overflows with the band’s full throttle drive and is fueled by Lil’ Ed’s love of both serious blues and good time fun. Jump Start reveals a band firing on all cylinders and ready to spread the genuine houserockin’ fever to their biggest audience yet. “It’s all blues, really,” says Lil’ Ed. “Some of it will make you dance, some will ease your soul Through my music, I want people to feel what I feel.”

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This is a great album. Beautiful song writing and great melody.The Millers  have not made a bad album. Julie has such a unique voice, both soft, but full of emotion and she is joined with a strong back-up band including Buddy.It is just too bad that this great music is drowned-out by all the garbage on top 40 stations which is a clear indication of the state of American taste.

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01. Dirty Rain (Acoustic)
02. Ashes & Fire (Acoustic)
03. Come Home (Acoustic)
04. Rocks (Acoustic)
05. Do I Wait (Acoustic)
06. Chains Of Love (Acoustic)
07. Invisible Riverside (Acoustic)
08. Lucky Now (Acoustic)
09. I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say (Acoustic)
10. Let it Ride (Acoustic)
11. Till I Found You
12. Star Sign
13. Petal In A Rainstorm
14. Darkness
15. Empty Room
16. Nutshell
17. Heartbreak A Stranger (Bob Mould cover)
18. Black Sheets Of Rain (Bob Mould cover)
19. Shine Through The Dark
20. Round And Round (Ratt cover)
21. 200 More Miles (Cowboy Junkies cover)
22. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)
23. A-Punk (Vampire Weekend cover)
24. Mansard Roof (Vampire Weekend cover)
25. Oxford Comma (Vampire Weekend cover)
26. Star Sign (Demo)
27. Come Home (Demo)
28. Do I Wait (Demo)
29. Down In A Hole (Alternate)
30. Black Sheets Of Rain (Alternate)
31. Blue Thunder (Galaxie 500 cover)
32. Holy Diver (Dio cover)
33. Mother (Danzig cover)

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