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Day: May 25, 2012

If anyone were utterly qualified to write such a book, it would be John Doe and his longtime musical partner and ex-wife, Exene Cervenka.On the heels of the recent release of their first duet album, “John Doe and Exene Cervenka Singing and Playing,” the two express such a matter-of-fact, “accept life as it is” view that the founding members of X and its rootsy offshoot the Knitters often seem to have reached some level of enlightenment.Even though they divorced 15 years ago, Doe and Cervenka are still regarded in many quarters as the first couple of Los Angeles punk and roots-rock music as they move firmly but unconventionally through middle age alternately playing solo shows, periodic reunions with X and the Knitters and, as of a few years ago, outings as a duo.

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Jason Serious’ latest album, Undercover Folk, consists of nine tunes that bring folk music into the 21st Century.  Serious is an amazingly talented songwriter.  Like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and the stellar folk talents that came before him, Serious can write a song that moves the listener in time and place.  He can evoke passion – from hope to hopelessness, from injustice to anger, from desire to love.   However. his is not protest music. It is music of, about and for the common man.Instrumental accompaniment is simple and traditional, yet eloquent and elegant. Guitar, violin, drums, horns, piano, banjo and violin all are sparingly applied.  The album also takes folk in an unexpected direction merely by Serious’ choice of sidemen to play with him.  The country-folk tinge is actually played primarily by Europeans.  It makes the music that much more inclusive and, quite frankly, beautiful.

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