May 21, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: May 21, 2012

What We Saw From The Cheap Seats was recorded over an eight week period during the summer of 2011 in Los Angeles. Spektor wrote each of the 11 tracks on the album. She arrived at the session with a collection of new compositions, but others were pulled from earlier periods. She and Elizondo fleshed out instrumentation and sought to make each of the songs stand alone sonically. Most of the songs were recorded live with Spektor on piano and vocals, while additional instrumentation was added to these original takes. Of working with Spektor, Elizondo says Regina Spektor is that rare artist that continues to surprise. Just when you think you have her figured out, she knocks you out with something completely different. It s that spirit that drives this record. Each song takes you on a journey that only Regina is capable of providing.

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Ashmatic Kitty artist Shannon Stephens, who years back was in the band Marzuki with Sufjan Stevens, first came to our attention in 2010 with the long awaited release of her self titled debut. This was originally due to be released in 1999 but coincided with an epiphany for Stephens. Quite simpy, she decided, family life with her husband, daughter and vegetable patch in Seattle was far more important than travelling across the US from radio studio to venue hawking the darn thing.Stephens is now back in 2012 with a third album Pull It Together, which is more expansive than her debut, which was largely acoustic guitar and vocal. Here there’s more of a band feel, with Sufjan Stevens band members Jeff Fielder and James McAlister involved along with some notable collaborators including Athmatic Kitty label mate DM Stith, and Bonnie Prince Billy.

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Pick, Keller’s 18th album and his debut with the first family of bluegrass, The Travelin’ McCourys, is a wonderful mixture of Keller’s easy-going Americana style and the Travelin’ McCourys’ precise mastery of Bluegrass. It is string picking rooted in Americana’s heart; exploding with energy and passion.Recorded at Nashville’s famed Butcher’s Shoppe Recording Studio in early 2012, Pick is comprised of 12 originals and covers that are sure to not just get your toes a tappin’ and knees a slappin’, but also put some groove in your step and a shake to your bake.

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Sandy’s music is a slice of the 60s flower-power generation that was opening up to new ways of thinking and demonstrated one of the first cross-pollinations of modern and traditional music in the electric era. The free thinking attitude of his generation is entirely encompassed in his music and is satisfyingly complimented by cruising down the road in some kind of open-top motorcar with the stereo on full blast.

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This disc features one of our favorite guitarists Bill Kirchen on all tracks. Based in American roots, pop and soul music, this is a collection of catchy, sometimes quirky ‘n’ fun songs that have full harmonies,strong grooves and chicken pickin’ guitar.The 14 tracks feature what we feel is our most interesting collection of tunes to date. A number of new originals that range from our tribute to Charleston (“Little Bitty City”), our paean to WV’s favorite illegal beverage (“Moonshine”), and our “coming of age in WV” song (“They Want Your Monkey”) to the sing-a-long “Ants in Your Pants” and the gospel “It’s a Blessing.” Covers include Fats Domino’s “Big Wheel” and LaVern Baker’s “Bumblebee,” to the Curtis Mayfield-sounding “Nobody Can Turn Me Around” and the Staple Singer’s “Whicha Way Did it Go,” which commemorated Hank Aaron’s 715th home run – which besting Babe Ruth’s record.Don Dixon engineered, produced and added sundry instruments, spreading his “fairy dust” about on almost every tune. Bill Kirchen, another longtime friend – who just happens to be one of our favorite guitarists – played on the entire CD and left his stamp on every tune.

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