May 15, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: May 15, 2012

One of the most quietly interesting developments in music over the last decade has been the way in which the worlds of the experimental avant-garde and that of folk music have increasingly overlapped. There are many reasons why this shouldn’t work; folk is all about tradition, convention and history, and a strict adherence to musical technique and form, while the avant-garde, by its very nature, exists to overturn and break from such boundaries and rules.The Two Wings collective first evolved as a side-project partnership between artist and singer Hanna Tuulikki and former Trembling Bell Ben Reynolds; later swelling to a quintet. Leaving behind an eclectic array of past projects and old collaborators (the band do wonders for the Six Degrees of Separation theory), this particular coming together is a union forged in electric folk and brought to life by Tuulikki’s extraordinary voice.

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The sixth Hangmen album, East of Western continues the upward arc of 2007’s Mike Ness-produced In the City with a consistently fine set of steely street rockers and unsentimental ballads. The criminals and blue-collar workers that populate snarling stompers like “Railroad Man,” “Graverobbers” and “Homesick Blues” exude defiance as much as desperation, keeping spit and spirit alive no matter how close to the hips the alligators get. Romance drinks a bitter brew as well in the C&W-inflected “Betrayed,” the crawling “Haunted” and the Stonesified “Had a Girl,” and a blazing cover of the Modern Lovers’ “She Cracked” betrays roots in more than Jagger, Richards and Thunders.

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Kentucky folk singer, Samuel Lockridge caresses his strings and lets fly his haunting voice to craft earthy soundscapes that are all at once gentle and powerful. His weeping melodies and soul-churning lyrics encompass the natural beauty of his native Appalachia and invite the listener into a meditative stillness.

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