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Avant-pop druid Alexander Tucker has long ruled with his explorations of memory, mythology and landscape – from the experimental psalms and pastoral drones of Old Fog (2005), through the otherworldly psych folk of Furrowed Brow (2006), to the high-watermark of last year’s uncanny Thrill Jockey debut, Dorwytch.Third Mouth sees the English artist cultivate brighter, lusher melodic pastures in a record that’s stirring, compelling and glorious. While the choral guitar psalm of ‘Sitting in a Bardo Pond’ goes some way to locating Tucker’s muse – as do the synth and cello drones, the primitive beats and the electronica – it’s the string-drawn psychedelia of ‘A Dried Seahorse’ and the title track’s encircling beauty that best illustrate, and illuminate, Tucker’s command of (un)earthly wonder.

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Longtime Friends In The Blues will be formally released on March 20, 2012. Tail Dragger wrote 9 of the ten tracks included on this Chicago Blues infused release. The band is made up of numerous veteran artists. In addition to Tail Dragger on vocals and of course Corritore on harp, Henry Gray plays Piano, Kirk Fletcher and Chris James play guitar, Patrick Rynn plays bass and Brian Fahey plays drums. The recording begins with I’m Worried and Tail Dragger takes no time in demonstrating his trademark vocals and his Howlin’ Wold influence. Sugar Mama finds Tail Dragger and Henry Gray trading off on vocals. This track shows some particularly cool guitar riffs and of course always Corritore staying tight with his harp.

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Resurrection Moon showcases the very best from Audrey’s discography, featuring songs from all of her albums, except from last year’s glorious Come Find Me. Twenty songs, twenty stories, twenty memories, twenty opportunities. Opportunities to listen to Audrey’s voice reveal heartbreak and disappointment through songs like “Your Eyes”, “Not Who I Am” or the standout “Losing Faith”, with lyrics like “But when I cried an ocean, And asked you to come over, You took a step, And sank without a trace….Her songs make you feel something from the first time you hear them, to times when you are reintroduced to them, much like coming across an old friend who you have not seen for years.

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On the acclaimed Mermaid Avenue albums, Billy Bragg and Wilco put music to lyrics by folk legend Woody Guthrie for which he had not written music or made recordings. This Saturday, Record Store Day, Nonesuch will release Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions, a three-CD  including the original two volumes (the second re-mastered); a third volume with 17 previously unreleased recordings from those sessions.

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Formed in the winter of 2010, Denver-based Saturn Cowboys rock the stage combining classic and psychedelic rock with dark, alternative country. The unifying presence is lead vocalist Danny’s resonant baritone voice and characteristic, precise Telecaster-work. Combined with a rock solid rhythm section, the band confidently delivers all of the atmosphere and depth of their songs.

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Sean Taylor’s is a singer-songwriter and this latest album sees a move to a more produced sound than previous albums.The album was recorded in Austin, Texas, and produced by Mark Hallman. After hearing Mark’s work, with Eliza Gilkyson in particular, Sean realised he would be perfect. Sean wanted to capture his live guitar sound, and Mark is the absolute master in this area. As a session guitarist himself, he knows exactly how to record and mix different guitars. Mark has also produced Carole King, Ani di Franco, Tom Russell, Iain Matthews, as well as working with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Oasis, and Lyle Lovett.The sound is very good throughout Sean’s gravelly voice is recorded very close in and fractionally lower in the mix than before it results in an intimate and atmospheric sound. The accompanying musicians play extremely well and produce a roots based down to earth sound. The presentation is completed by the serious cover art – Sean Taylor is photographed in black & white producing an image that is redolent of a noted picture of Woody Guthrie, elsewhere there are skyline images of St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London – a particular target of Sean’s lyrics- and another picture of St. Paul’s with a fiery skyline behind –it recalls the famous picture of St. Paul’s during the blitz. The symbolism has to be deliberate.

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Johnny Dowd sounds like no one else. The Ithaca, NY singer-songwriter follows his own path, releasing a string of memorable albums that have gained him a avid cult following, mainly in Europe. His new record is called No Regrets, 13 songs about 15 women who got under his skin. Dowd is the undisputed master of junkyard Americana, using almost forgotten old school equipment. The prominent sound on the album is a vintage Sixties drum machine, giving the songs a late night B-movie soundtrack feel.

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It’s good to hear Pete Krebs’ voice showcased again. The former Hazel singer-guitarist and current Stolen Sweets band leader had released a handful of fine headlining discs until 2002, when he left the singer-songwriter world for music instruction and regular gigs around Portland, playing gypsy jazz and other American folk musics on his lonesome or with his trio.The Portland Playboys, an expanded version of that trio, play Western swing in the vein of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, generally regarded as forefathers of the genre. And while that explains the Portland quintet’s name and many of its stylistic choices—skittering tempo, stand-up bass, twinkling slide-guitar work and Krebs’ own barn-burning guitar solos—it doesn’t fully explain the Portland Playboys’ sound. As with Krebs’ solo-ish releases, there’s a darkness lingering just out of frame here. This is starlight swing, less sentimental than downright heartbroken—a feeling evoked by the song choices (from misty-eyed standards like “Walkin’ the Floor Over You” and “Waltz Across Texas” to Krebs’ original “Everybody’s Tryin’ to Be My Baby”) and the occasional artfully employed reverb.Don’t get me wrong—everyone in this tight band is having an awful lot of fun on Early Sessions. That joy is most evident in the fine interplay on the disc’s instrumental tracks, which include an up-tempo cover of jazz standard “Caravan” and the lovely “Cherokee.” But try as Krebs might to sound party-ready in his singing—which is both markedly more forceful and more clearly enunciated than usual—the Oregon rain has soaked too deep into his soul for Krebs to pass as a Texan. Those unmistakable vocal cords lend the band, like all of Krebs’ projects, a real sense of place that sets these Playboys apart from their forebears. It also explains why the saddest tune on the record, Charlie Feathers’ haunting “Man in Love,” is also the most striking. Sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the storm clouds that follow you around.

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For fans of Grammy-nominated folk-pop darling Sophie B. Hawkins, the wait is now over—her much-anticpated album, “The Crossing,” will make its debut after three years.The Crossing is a searing, lush and startlingly naked chronicle of the most intense period of Hawkins’ life, in which she has come to terms with her father’s death, openly surrendered to the haunting specter of her past, discovered the exhilaration of motherhood and arrived at a profound reckoning of acceptance. All of this emerges in songwriting and vocals that mix the brashly playful and the unabashedly poignant in fresh ways for Hawkins.

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For all the records that have borne his name over the past five years — Dead Weather, Raconteurs, multiple guest spots and productions — it feels like we haven’t really gotten any unadulterated Jack White music since the White Stripes’ swan song, “Icky Thump.” And one listen to “Blunderbuss” shows why: He’s been woodshedding, carefully developing a template and a manifesto for a solo career that (incongruously, given his prolific output) begins with this album.

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Tressel, has, with the help of some major-league music friends, released a solid set of 12 original songs (11 written by Tressel). “The Hard Way” spans rock, country and driving blues and, thanks to the razor-fine production of studio pro Gary Mallaber, sounds fresh.Tressel is not afraid to present a stylistic multi-genre diversity that mixes country, pop, rock, blues and gospel flavorings into a cohesive, radio-friendly commercial sound. The only risk he takes is that he could become hard to categorize. Lively instrumental and vocal interplay bring rich infectious spirit to this alt-country album. Spiritually-tinged harmonies (Marcy Levy, Diane Lotny, Kara Grainger) and some horns make for tight ensemble playing that precisely wraps itself around Greg’s vocals. “The Hard Way” is a consistently enjoyable listen.

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