April 23, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: April 23, 2012

After “Cement Tomb Mind Control,” one of the best albums of last year, Midwest favorites The Hussy are back – and not only do they avoid the sophomore slump, they’ll probably end up as one of the best albums of THIS year, too. The LP is 14 tracks of fire, whittled down from 35. They’ve moved into some territory that’s definitely a little more psychedelic, away from the more straight forward garage-punk sound of Cement Tomb. The thrashing, surging crash is still there, especially on tracks like “SFB,” but the record opens up in a more subdued tone, with the grinding “Undefined,” which cruises along on a slow, steady beat and a guitar line which really reminds me of punk weirdos WHATEVER BRAINS, who put out one of the other best albums of last year.

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Avant-pop druid Alexander Tucker has long ruled with his explorations of memory, mythology and landscape – from the experimental psalms and pastoral drones of Old Fog (2005), through the otherworldly psych folk of Furrowed Brow (2006), to the high-watermark of last year’s uncanny Thrill Jockey debut, Dorwytch.Third Mouth sees the English artist cultivate brighter, lusher melodic pastures in a record that’s stirring, compelling and glorious. While the choral guitar psalm of ‘Sitting in a Bardo Pond’ goes some way to locating Tucker’s muse – as do the synth and cello drones, the primitive beats and the electronica – it’s the string-drawn psychedelia of ‘A Dried Seahorse’ and the title track’s encircling beauty that best illustrate, and illuminate, Tucker’s command of (un)earthly wonder.

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Longtime Friends In The Blues will be formally released on March 20, 2012. Tail Dragger wrote 9 of the ten tracks included on this Chicago Blues infused release. The band is made up of numerous veteran artists. In addition to Tail Dragger on vocals and of course Corritore on harp, Henry Gray plays Piano, Kirk Fletcher and Chris James play guitar, Patrick Rynn plays bass and Brian Fahey plays drums. The recording begins with I’m Worried and Tail Dragger takes no time in demonstrating his trademark vocals and his Howlin’ Wold influence. Sugar Mama finds Tail Dragger and Henry Gray trading off on vocals. This track shows some particularly cool guitar riffs and of course always Corritore staying tight with his harp.

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