April 16, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: April 16, 2012

For fans of Grammy-nominated folk-pop darling Sophie B. Hawkins, the wait is now over—her much-anticpated album, “The Crossing,” will make its debut after three years.The Crossing is a searing, lush and startlingly naked chronicle of the most intense period of Hawkins’ life, in which she has come to terms with her father’s death, openly surrendered to the haunting specter of her past, discovered the exhilaration of motherhood and arrived at a profound reckoning of acceptance. All of this emerges in songwriting and vocals that mix the brashly playful and the unabashedly poignant in fresh ways for Hawkins.

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For all the records that have borne his name over the past five years — Dead Weather, Raconteurs, multiple guest spots and productions — it feels like we haven’t really gotten any unadulterated Jack White music since the White Stripes’ swan song, “Icky Thump.” And one listen to “Blunderbuss” shows why: He’s been woodshedding, carefully developing a template and a manifesto for a solo career that (incongruously, given his prolific output) begins with this album.

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