April 5, 2012 - It Rock And Roll

Day: April 5, 2012

The album has beautiful harmonies, good musicianship and direct and honest lyrics. Small stories that are always interesting to listen to, to find out what will happen to the persons Simone sings about. Simone’s narrative ability flows naturally throughout. He sings about real people, Courtney Love (‘Courtney Love’), Michael Jackson (‘New York Times’) or Sharon Tate (‘Ballad of Sharon Tate’).The best song on the album is the dark, ‘Stormy Eyed Sarah’ where he sings about a preacher’s daughter beaten “blue and black” and with a haunting childrens choir joining in on the “fun”.

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December 2006. Herman Düne release their Giant album on a major label and are all set to play some large venues when suddenly André leaves the band. He moves to Berlin where, at his own pace and with no outside pressures, he starts to record new material under the name Stanley Brinks.Stanley/André has always been rather reticent when it comes to engaging with technology, the internet or the music business. In complete autonomy, he produces around 4 albums a year, on his own label, Radical Baboon.By following this path, Stanley has managed to transform his ambitions to create music on a more personal scale into a veritable way of life: simple recordings that require little in the way of technical logistics, intimate live shows in small venues or even private appartments… a bohemian life of creativity and travel.His first album under the name Stanley Brinks, Dank U, was included in In rocks top 50 best albms of 2008.The new album Alligator Twilight,play with “the Kaniks”, a norvegian band who’s line up (banjo, mandoline, double bass, violin, trombone).

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