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Day: February 7, 2012

Originally released in Australia as an eight song EP in 1998, the Zombified Extended Reissue is now a full album with the addition of five new tunes.The new and improved Zombified has been re-mastered and re-packaged with cover art by Sean Starwars and design by Yee-Haw Industries.Topical songs aside, the real monster on Zombified is Rick Miller’s guitar playing. It’s big, retro, swampy and completely inimitable. SCOTS’ bassist Marry Huff and percussionist Dave Hartman make plenty of room for Miller with their simple yet exuberant rhythms. That instrumental co-action is showcased on their menacing instrumental improvement on Creedence’s “Sinister Purpose”.

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Fans of Brian Setzer who haven’t discovered Vancouver, Canada’s master of guitar fire and ice Paul Pigat would do themselves proud to pick up It’s a Sin, his latest solo offering, which just happens to offer an assured stylistic mix common to the Setzer canon. But Pigat, recording in his guise as Cousin Harley, is the real deal, not an imitator; he just happens to favor Gretsch guitars and the sonic and soulful properties of rockabilly, straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll and classic pop. In his native land fans know him as fronting a variety of bands, touring incessantly and generally never missing an opportunity to make a musical statement, whether that means backing another artist or taking center stage himself.

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Echo Ono is the ninth album neo-psychedelic rock band Pontiak.Pontiak is created by three brothers from the Blue Ridge area of Virginia — Van (lead vocals, guitar), Jennings (bass, organ, vocals), and Lain Carney (drums, vocals) — who were separately involved with numerous bands in the U.S. and Europe before reconvening in Baltimore in 2005. Once together, they quickly established common musical ground and began honing a multifaceted sound steeped in ’60s psych and acid rock, ’70s prog and proto-metal, and ’90s stoner and indie rock, with likeminded outfits such as Dead Meadow and Black Mountain providing a few contemporary comparisons.

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Best known for his guitarwork in the bands New Monsoon and The Contribution, Jeff Miller is releasing “Ancient Wisdom” his first solo album as a singer/songwriter.

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