September 26, 2011 - It Rock And Roll

Day: September 26, 2011

Toronto’s alt-country champions Elliot BROOD have announced the release of their highly anticipated third full-length album today; Days Into Years will arrive on September 27 via Paper Bag Records.

Day into Years is the type of progression the band needed to make. New textures and new ideas help keep the band sounding inspired and fresh, but they are still backed by the same passion and historical obsessions. You might not bang on cake sheets for this one, but you will certainly nod along approvingly.

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01 In The Flesh?
02 The Thin Ice
03 Another Brick In The Wall, [Part One]
04 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
05 Another Brick In The Wall, [Part Two]
06 Mother
07 Goodbye Blue Sky
08 Empty Spaces
09 Young Lust
10 One Of My Turns
11 Don’t Leave Me Now
12 Another Brick In The Wall, [Part Three]
13 Goodbye Cruel World
14 Hey You
15 Is There Anybody Out There?
16 Nobody Home
17 Vera
18 Bring The Boys Back Home
19 Comfortably Numb
20 The Show Must Go On
21 In The Flesh
22 Run Like Hell
23 Waiting For The Worms
24 Stop
25 The Trial
26 Outside The Wall

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2011 two CD collection from the Alt-Country/Americana outfit. Yours Truly is split into two parts: the first disc showcases popular favorites chosen by fans in an online survey; the second includes obscure, hard-to-find B-sides and previously unreleased demo versions of 16HP masterpieces. Yours Truly was mixed by producer Bob Ferbrache (Blood Axis, Soul Merchants, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Tarantella) specially for this release. The deluxe package comes with a lyric booklet with rare photos and artwork. As rural gothic goes, one cannot do much better than David Eugene Edwards and company, with their use of acoustic old-time instruments mixed with the impassioned vocals and fire-and-brimstone lyrics.

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