September 5, 2011 - It Rock And Roll

Day: September 5, 2011

Ray Bonneville was born in French Canada and now resides in Austin Texas, and he is an absolute master of slow building songs that never lack intensity and burn. He is one of the most skilled songwriters of that dark slow smoldering yet fiery blues/roots music that is a hybrid of J.J. Cale’s groove and the Hill-Country funky trance/swamp blues by the likes of R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough among others. Ray and Justin Douglas produced this effort at Justin’s studio in Austin.The band on this disc is absolutely top shelf Austin talent. Gurf Morlix on electric and baritone guitars, electric bass, banjo and harmony vocals, Mike Meadows on drums and percussion, and Dexter Payne on alto and baritone sax, Ray handles the lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars,harmonica, and foot percussion. In addition he wrote all of the songs, nine new ones and two that are older but revised.The songs are slices of everyday lived life, the moments we remember and the stories that surround them, sometimes happy and sometimes much less so, and at times downright foolish, however all seem real enough to have been personally experienced. From the hauntingly evocative opening track Bad Man’s Blood, to the happy take on love, Funny ‘Bout Love, that concludes the disc, each song is a poignant word picture set to rich a rich musical accompaniment, with the exception of Ray’s Jump, where the saxophone replaces the voice and yet in the hands of Dexter Payne it mimics the voice and tells its own story.

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 1. My Tennessee Mountain Home  
 2. Bargain Store               
 3. Love Is Like a Butterfly   
 4. Jolene                     
 5. 9 to 5                      
 6. Here You Come Again         
 7. Those Memories of You       
 8. Coat of Many Colors        
 9. I Will Always Love You      
10. Dolly's Breakdown   

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Donnie Van Zant (vocals) formed the Jacksonville, FL-based .38 Special in 1975 with Jeff Carlisi (guitar), Don Barnes (guitar, vocals), Ken Lyons (bass), Jack Grondin (drums), and Steve Brookins (drums). Two years later, the band signed with A&M Records and released its eponymous debut. Neither 38 Special or its follow-up, Special Delivery, received much attention, but the group began to build up a following through its constant touring. Bassist Lyons left before the recording of 1979’s Rockin’ Into the Night, the album that demonstrated a more melodic, driving sound; he was replaced by Larry Junstrom. Rockin’ Into the Night became a moderate hit, but 1981’s Wild-Eyed Southern Boys was a genuine hit, going platinum and generating the Top 40 “Hold On Loosely.” Special Forces, released in 1982, was even more popular, spawning the Top Ten single “Caught Up in You” and “If I’d Been the One.” Tour de Force (1983) and Strength in Numbers (1986) were both successes, and the band continued to be a popular touring outfit. Barnes and Brookins left in 1987; Barnes was replaced by Danny Chauncey.

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