July 29, 2011 - It Rock And Roll

Day: July 29, 2011

Click here to find out more!Enigmatic singer-songwriter Richard Buckner has been highly acclaimed but chiefly a cult phenomenon since his 1994 debut, Bloomed. Our Blood is the first album from Buckner in five years, and the story behind its series of delays is as intriguing as it is unfortunate. Scoring a film that never came to pass? It happened. After that, Our Bloodrecordings were lost due to faulty equipment and later a stolen laptop. Too add insult to injury, while recording at the wrong grange hall, Buckner was briefly questioned as a potential suspect in a murder case involving a torched car with a headless corpse.

Considering all the drama that led up to the oft-delayed release of Old Blood, it’s no wonder that Richard Buckner’s vocals are as world-weary as ever. This weariness with a weathered toughness underneath gives subtle character to the inscrutable wordsmith. At its core, Our Blood is a collection of folksy alt-country laments, but songs such as “Thief” and “Confession” incorporate sparse electronics to haunting effect. Curiously, it is on “Ponder”, a three-minute instrumental piece, that Our Blood is at its bleakest. On “Ponder”, the acoustic and electronic sides of Buckner interplay to reach new heights of heart-wrenching desolation.

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