July 24, 2011 - It Rock And Roll

Day: July 24, 2011

With his debut album TOO CLOSE TO HEAVEN (2008) german based musician Dad Horse Ottn set the base for an individual genre. THE DAD HORSE EXPERIENCE’s style was tagged as Outlaw- or Underground Gospel; Ottn himself calls it Keller-Gospel, an unconventional mixture of Southern Gospel with european elements from Punk, Trash and Polka, played with banjo, basspedal and kazoo. Now with his second album DEAD DOG ON A HIGHWAY Ottn goes forth in the developement of his unique style. The album was produced by Rolf Kirschbaum, who is well known for his collaborations with Taj Mahal, Holmes Brothers, Sandy Dillon amongst many others, and was recorded at Hörwerk Tonstudio in Bookholzberg (Germany) by Andree Klose. Self-taught musician Ottn recruited the support of skilled players from the german music scene including Hanno Jannsen (drums), Rolf Kirschbaum (slide, percussion) and Don Voigt (mandolin, violin) along with a good bunch of backing vocalists who transform the much-lauded intensity of the one man band’s stage performance into the musical language of a studio album.

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