July 7, 2011 - It Rock And Roll

Day: July 7, 2011

On his 2011 album Field Songs, Iowa troubadour William Elliott Whitmore documents a vanishing American landscape with all the heartfelt soul and quiet fury one could hope for. “Heartland firebrand blows fuse, fights for truth” heralded Spin Magazine when describing Whitmore, who utilizes a powerful singing voice beyond his years and a stark dramatic sound rooted in bluegrass, blues and folk protest music. These songs vividly evoke a life of struggle, humble resilience and family bond inspired by life on his family s farm along the Mississippi River.“Field Song”, has more than a hint of Springsteen’s widescreen grandeur. Telling an alternative history of agricultural America, it follows the original pioneers out west, tracing their progress through the rigorous decades .

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