June 24, 2011 - It Rock And Roll

Day: June 24, 2011

Brent Cash’s widely celebrated debut album “How Will I Know If I’m Awake” was released more than three years ago. The multi-instrumentalist from Athens, Ga took a long break to create an even more elaborately crafted follow-up. “How Strange It Seems” is chock-full of sophisticated arrangements, multi-layered vocal harmonies, extravagant key changes and intricate rhythms.From the start, Cash decided to record his songs like “they did it back then,” so no costs were spared to hire the best players in town and assemble a mini-orchestra featuring almost 30 musicians. The resulting work sounds like a lost pop masterpiece from the ’60s and ’70s. . It perfectly sets the mood and is extremely rich in detail, scope and color.

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“Reason and Rhyme” is the third record by the songwriting team of Jim Lauderdale and Robert Hunter, the second in two years.This installment is straight-ahead bluegrass, and it is wonderful. Lauderdale’s made some of the best modern bluegrass records, including several collaborations with Ralph Stanley, and has a great voice for it.The band on this record features mostly the same lineup from 2007’s The Bluegrass Diaries, including producer and resonator guitarist Randy Kohrs, bassist Jay Weaver and Mike Compton on mandolin. This is a terrific combination: Lauderdale’s approach to bluegrass and Hunter’s vision of the unique American characters most will recall from his years spent writing with Jerry Garcia.

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If you imagine an intersection where the traditions of country and bluegrass meet the inventions of newgrass and the changes that swept through British contemporary folk, you’ll have a sense of the music spun by the Greencards. Their songs feature the tight harmonies of country and bluegrass, the sophistication of jazz, and the pluck of folk.Vocalist Carol Young moves fluidly from country to jazz to pop, occasionally transitioning within a single song.  The mandolin (courtesy of guest Sam Bush), fiddle (from recent addition Tyler Andal) and guitar (from the band’s other recent addition, Carl Miner) keep the song anchored to the group’s roots. Vince Gill adds a duet vocal on “Heart Fixer,” and several dozen fans star as financial supporters, with their names emblazoned on the covers.

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