June 1, 2011 - It Rock And Roll

Day: June 1, 2011

Died in the Wool — variations on David Sylvian’s 2009 release Manafon including collaborations with acclaimed composer Dai Fujikura, producers Jan Bang and Erik Honoré and a stellar roster of contemporary musicians and improvisers.The title track, “Died in the Wool,” is a similar construction: It began as an experiment with clarinet multiphonics that Fujikura casually sent to Sylvian, who fleshed it out with Manafon outtakes while Bang and Honoré grounded it with samples from a Skúli Sverrisson concert at the Punkt Festival.

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Fire Records re-issues the rare and regarded Black Out recording from 1993. Forged from the embers of the recording session which was Purge & Slouch, and wholly acoustic, this collection of takes was originally released only in Germany. Black Out sits proudly amidst the Giant Sand re-issue project. ”When we gathered for the grand experiment of ‘purge & slouch’ Howe Gelb recalls, ”the idea of which was to record without having written anything prior for it. Some actual songs did pop out perhaps for the sake of warm-up or while mics were being wired .. maybe just for the sake of vigorous deployment .. re-living some old songs there and then, we bundled em up after the fact for what would become ”stromausfall” instead.

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Dirtball are an eight-piece US band led by singer Wes Freed, whose singing style may not be to everyone’s liking (it reminds me of Alan Tyler of the Rockingbirds) although it certainly suits Dirtball’s musical style. All eleven tracks are written by members of the group, mostly by guitarist Jeff Liverman, and deal with typical country themes, such as love and drinking, as far as I can tell . Production credits go to Bob Rupe of US rockers Cracker.

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